Rock On!

Rock The Badges – the musical event of epic proportions RETURNS to the street in Chicago’ Six Corner’s Neighborhood, Saturday, September 18 and Sunday, September 19, 2021! (See the blog post below for more details!)

Music Line Up!

Rock The Badges feature live music each day from 2:00-10:00PM.

Sat, Sep 18th
2:00–3:30PM: Vintage
4:00–5:30PM: Southern Draw
6:00–7:30PM:  Wild Blue Angels
8:00-10:00PM: Van Halen Invasion
10:15-10:30PM Candlelight Vigil honoring Chicago’s First Responders, including Officer Ella French

Sun, Sep 19th
2:00-3:30PM: Too Much Saturn
4:00-5:30PM: Todd and the Ten Pins
6:00-7:30PM: Northside
8:00–10:00PM: 7th Heaven

Candlelight Vigil

Saturday Night, September 18, 2021, following the day’s music program, we will continue out time-honored tradition of remembering and honoring Chicago’s First Responders — Firefighters and Police Officers — who have died or been catastrophically injured in the line of duty.

The ceremony will begin at 10:15PM and feature a moment of silence and music by members of the Chicago Police Department’s Pipes & Drums.

This year’s ceremony will honor CPD Officer Ella French who was killed in the line of duty on August 7, 2021.


THE music event of Epic Proportions RETURNS to the streets! (more details here!)

After a year sidelined by the COVID-19 Pandemic, Rock The Badges RETURNS to Chicago’s Six Corners Neighborhood! SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18th and SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 19th from 2:00-10:00PM each day! Rock The Badges is a music festival complete with all the things you would expect – great live music, food & beverages, and fun for rockers of …


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