As a supporter of the brave men and women of the CFD and CPD, you know all too well that these are trying times for our Nation's First Responders and the people who kiss them good-bye as they head out the door for their tour of duty.


Fortunately, there are plenty of people who support their local First Responders, and are proud to make their support known. A friend of the Rock The Badges Team approached us and suggested holding a bake sale to raise money for our charities by selling "COP CAKES" (like cupcakes . . . get it?!?!)

Without batting an eye, our friends at Fannie's Cafe stepped up to the plate and created the most scrumptious, all-natural COP CAKES you may ever taste! 50% of Cop Cake sales are donated to The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation!


Fannies sold over 300 CopCakes over the May 15-17, 2020, weekend to kick-off our Rock The Badges Fundraising Season! Stay Tuned for more Cop Cake updates! Visit Fannie's Website and Facebook Page.


Fannie's Cafe

4042 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago 60646 • 708-320-2294

Got 12 minutes with nothing better to do with your life? Watch the Live Facebook Video that launched Cop Cakes upon an unsuspecting Chicagoland! CLICK HERE!
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Special Thanks to Lead Sponsors: Fort Knox Studios • Jaime Morales Allstate
• RAS Communications • Event Organizer: John Garrido